Parklands Food Festival 2015

I’ve never heard of the Parklands Food Festival before, but I decided to go with The Parents to check it out. It was located at the Lizard Log Amphitheatre, which didn’t seem like a large area, but managed to fit in a lot of food and produce stalls, activities, and entertainment areas. Their theme was ‘Grow, Make, Eat’.

The Parents and I stopped by the main stage to watch Miguel Maestre (who I’ve never heard of before) give a cooking demonstration. Apart from being hilarious as hell, he was also humble about his celebrity chef status. And he has a lovely Spanish accent to boot.

The Parents got peckish so we wandered off in search of food. I got some pork baos for us to share, and The Parents found some samosas (my Dad kindly stopped eating so I could take a photo. Thanks Dad). Not pictured was rockmelon juice, which really hit the spot on this hot day.

There were lots of plants and seedlings for sale, which got my heart all in a flutter. Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to buy any as I apparently have too much at home waiting to be planted.

We did buy some fresh, local produce though. We got a bag of white zucchinis and a large punnet of strawberries from Sun’s Fresh Farm. The zucchinis were so good (I made fritters, duh), and the strawberries weren’t as tart or sour as they are at the supermarket. But it still doesn’t come close to the sweetness of English strawberries.

We also checked out some chicks (see what I did there?). The Rare Poultry Breeders’ Association were giving information on the different rare breeds on show, but I mainly marvelled at the beautiful colours (like bright white or pale blue) of their eggs.

My favourite part would have to be the petting zoo. I (unfortunately) didn’t line up with all the other kids to go in and pat the animals, but at least I made a friend. Although Mum thinks he was more interested in my strawberries.

And what day would be complete without ice cream? We enjoyed our treat while doing a final walk around the grounds before heading home.

This apparently was the 4th year of the Parklands Food Festival, and The Parents and I really enjoyed it. It felt nice and local, if you get what I mean, and I’m all for any festival that promotes growing your own food. It was nice to see kids and teenagers potting some herbs or vegetables to take home and grow. It really motivated me to get some of my own gardening done. I’ll hopefully be back again for it next year.

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