Taking Stock: September 2015

September was kind of a busy month for me. With the warmer weather, I came out of my hibernation and ventured out into the big, wide world. I surprised myself by saying ‘yes’ to outings I would usually turn down. They were fun and a nice change of pace, so I’m not sure why I worry about going to these outings. And while I managed to do a few things this month, I’m still bummed that I missed out on other things like going on a bushwalk and some more gardening. But oh well, you can only do so much in one month, right?

Making: nothing this month.

Cooking: zucchini fritters! So good. I’m totally obsessed with fritters now.

Reading: the news on the Guardian app.

Playing:Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)‘ by Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson, ‘Shine‘ by Years and Years (still obsessed), and ‘Omen‘ by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith (utterly obsessed! And Sam Smith is looking so damn fine in the video).

Enjoying: being out and about in the warmer weather. I managed to squeeze in quite a few things this month, which really surprised me.

Sorting: through a large stack of unopened mail. Oops.

Wondering: how it would feel to have a car slam into my body and break all my bones. What would the pain feel like?

Waiting: for medical appointments and a follow-up with the Breast Surgeon (at least the waiting and not knowing is over now).

Deciding: on which bushwalk I should do, but not doing it anyway.

Wishing: my Mum would understand that just because I’m alone it doesn’t mean I’m lonely.

Liking: that my fellow social work colleague doesn’t judge me for being a little weird.

Disliking: poor customer service.

Considering: if I should start doing some basic yoga again.

Watching: nothing of interest this month.

Marvelling: at the beauty of the old buildings in Sydney’s CBD.

Wanting: to buy all the plants!

Needing: to definitely get started with the front yard.

Wearing: Summer dresses to work. Without tights. Woo!

Following: The Goods Line. Although it was just a short walk.

Noticing: a bunch of random super heroes outside of Westmead Children’s Hospital. The Flash and Superman were playing frisbee.

Knowing: that I really need to buy a sofa for the upstairs living room at Hello HQ. No sofa has meant no TV, no movies and no games. Sad face.

Thinking: about what other kinds of fritters I could make.

Buying: a pair of white shoes. Finally found a pair I liked and at a reasonable price.

Getting: way too excited about pretend safari animals inside a shopping centre. I may have scared some kids…

Admiring: clouds and the full moon.

Hoping: to make some noticeable progress with my front yard before the end of the year.

Loving: my quick trip to the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Even though I don’t like crowds, I still really enjoyed the vibe. Also, moon cake.

Giggling: with work colleagues while out and about.

Planning: to do some tidying up around Hello HQ.

Feeling: happy and content.

P.S. I got the idea for ‘taking stock’ from Pip over on Meet Me at Mike’s. There’s the original blank list if you want to join in (I’ve cut out a few questions), or just have a read of other people’s lists. Let me know if you’ve decided to take stock too!

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