Cabramatta Moon Festival

Just thought I’d share some quick snaps I took when I popped over to Cabramatta Moon Festival on Sunday. It wasn’t really planned. I happened to be out already and thought I’d swing by. I was not expecting it to be this busy.

I’ve always called it ‘Moon Festival’, but they call it the ‘Mid-Autumn Festival’ in the northern hemisphere. I believe it’s traditionally a time for family to get together and to give thanks for the harvest. We usually celebrate by eating mooncake, which is made from lotus seed paste with an egg yolk in the middle. Sounds weird, but tastes so good (to me, at least).

I enjoyed my stroll through Cabramatta Moon Festival, but (admittedly) I was kind of glad to leave and get away from the crowds. I don’t do well in crowds.

I couldn’t leave without getting a trinket though. I browsed through all the stalls and picked out this sequined gold-fish. It’s said to bring good fortune and prosperity. Here’s hoping!


3 thoughts on “Cabramatta Moon Festival

  1. my messy world says:

    It looks like fun! I’ve heard of the moon cakes before, but never tasted some. The fish is too cute – I’m jealous 😀 !!! I used to have a chines luck thing somewhere. It must have gotten lost during those moves…^^ Enjoy your cute fish ❤


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