The Goods Line

Last week, I had the opportunity to stroll through The Goods Line after it opened to the public. It’s a 500-metre walkway that connects Railway Square to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It has been converted from part of an old rail line that used to bring goods in and out of the city. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s an idea adapted from the famous New York City High Line.

I, like many others, took photos of this Frank Gehry designed building. It’s also known as the crumply brown paper bag. Whether you love it or hate it or are somewhere in-between, it’s definitely an eye-catching building. I’m interested to see what it looks like inside, but not being a student I’m not sure they’d grant me access. It’s still nice to look at on the outside.

It feels like a well-designed and open space, but maybe that’s because it was Saturday morning and not many people were up and using the walkway yet. There were a few grassy areas, a kids play area and ping-pong tables. Is it me or are people in the Harbour area obsessed with ping-pong? You can see tables around the Darling Quarter area too.

I like how they kept parts of the old rail line in place, but I’m always fascinated by anything industrial-looking. However, I’d love it if they put in more greenery though. They did plant lots of little shrubs and some trees, but there’s a stretch of the walkway without trees, and I can’t imagine how hot it might get during Summer.

It’s been called Sydney’s High Line, but I think that’s a little misleading at the moment. It’s still new though and I’m excited about the plans to extend the walkway and to turn the space into an entertainment venue. For now though, I enjoyed my stroll along The Goods Line.

2 thoughts on “The Goods Line

    • Sandy says:

      The Frank Gehry building definitely stands out. I wonder if Sydney will get any other architectural wonders? XD

      Also, the selfie shot is just an illusion 😉


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