Scavenged Finds: She Sells Sea Shells

Another day out, another scavenged find. Well, thirty scavenged finds to be exact! Or thirty-one if you include the one I accidentally broke and am unsure about super-gluing together again. But I digress. If you read about my Spit Bridge to Manly Walk (part one and part two are available for your viewing pleasure), you would know that I had an absolute field day combing the beach for these scavenged treasured finds.

I’m not sure what type of shells these were. Oyster shells? I don’t know. I was just enamoured by their colour, shape and texture. There’s so much amazing detail on some shells.

I’m so, so, so happy with my finds! As far as I could tell, I was the only person digging through the sand for sea shells. I overheard a mother ask her two young boys if they’d like to look for some, but they weren’t interested. And here was this should-be-adult hunched over and trying to pry out a pretty purple shell wedged between two rocks.

Anyway, I’ve already planned to display a few of my favourite shells along with a framed photo of the beach I took that day. But apart from that, I’m not sure what to do with my treasures. Any ideas? Or would you like to go hunting for sea shells? If so, I’m totally in.

4 thoughts on “Scavenged Finds: She Sells Sea Shells

  1. my messy world says:

    I love the pictures you took of them – it makes them look so delicate and even much more beautiful ā¤ Well done! I can totally understand you… For years and years I've been drawn to look for seashells by the sea shore šŸ˜‰ I could never stop. This vacation I allowed myself to take home one only. Because I must admit – the amount turned to be too big for me to keep all so alas I had to bring lots of them away to the Brocki because there was simply not enough room here for them all šŸ˜¦ I used to glue them onto painted wooden boxes for decoration. Or onto a frame, Glue a bit of sand with it, or glitter if you like. You could even glue them onto a canvas and paint around them. Or paint on them, tiny beautiful images, and display them as deco šŸ™‚ I also put some of the latest I had found around a candle on the candle folder (you can find a picture on my front page of the facebook page), I love that:) Have fun with them ā¤


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