Take a Hike: Spit Bridge to Manly Part 2

I had been walking for about 2hrs, making my way along the Spit Bridge to Manly walk, when I took a break at Dobroyd Head. I could see Manly in the not-too-far distance and felt re-energised to keep going.

Once again, I had to stop and just take in the view. I’m so amazed by the beautiful waters along this bushwalk. Such a stunning blue.

I’m also amazed how some parts make you feel like you’re walking through a forest. I was surprised to learn that part of the trail takes you through Sydney Harbour National Park. It gives you the opportunity to see some interesting plants.

I couldn’t name them all if you asked me to. I’m sure there were little signs along the bushwalk that identified the different plants. I was too fascinated by how interesting they looked.

I eventually reached Davis Marina where I pretty much had a field day with all the lovely rock textures, crushed shells, and searching for perfect treasures to take home.

As I tucked my precious finds into my backpack, I could feel the air starting to get cooler and noticed that the sun was slowly beginning to set. It was a gorgeous Winter’s day, but the nights are still awfully cold, and I didn’t want to be out in it so decided I would need to get moving.

Nearly at Manly Wharf now.

I finally did it! The Spit Bridge to Manly walk took me about 4hrs to complete, with a few breaks here and there. It was a beautiful walk, especially on this gorgeous sunny day. Highly recommended if you enjoy bushwalking and insanely beautiful harbour views. There were many places you could stop and have lunch or a snack if you wanted to. I didn’t eat anywhere since I brought my own food to nibble on while trekking along. You could also walk the other way, from Manly to the Spit Bridge. But if you do that, you miss out on the ferry ride from Manly to Circular Quay, which is a nice reward after a long journey.

5 thoughts on “Take a Hike: Spit Bridge to Manly Part 2

  1. my messy world says:

    Beautiful!!! Sounds like a lovely hike. If you ever find a beamer, tell me so I’ll go over and do the hike 🙂 Love the picture of the big boat, the penguin and feet and the shells in your hand – and oh, the shells on the ground!!! So many shells!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah ❤


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