Take a Hike: Spit Bridge to Manly Part 1

The Spit Bridge to Manly walk is probably one of Sydney’s most famous bushwalks. It’s roughly a 9km track that takes you along the shores of Sydney, giving you plenty of amazing views along the way. With a beautiful Winter’s day forecast for the weekend, I put on some walking gear, packed my trusty backpack, and with camera in hand I headed to the starting point of my walk for the day: the Spit Bridge.

Not sure what I was expecting, but there was a little reserve here and I hopped off the bus along with everyone else. I was amazed by how clean the water is, and jealous of the people living with waterfront views. I was happy to be basking in the sun and admiring the beautiful colours of the water. However, remembering that this walk takes approximately 4hrs, I decided to get walking.

A lot of people were out and about that day. Both locals and tourists were making their way along the track. I know it doesn’t look like it in my photos, but you couldn’t walk any more than 5mins without passing another person doing the same bushwalk. I eventually took a break around Clontarf Beach. Well, I say “took a break”, but I was really distracted by pretty shells in the sand.

I’m not sure how long I spent combing the sand for my precious beach finds (or how weird I must have looked), but I eventually satisfied myself with my shells and continued onwards.

I think I became obsessed with rocks and moss and water during this walk. Everything about the texture and the naturalness of it all really had me.

Don’t mind the weirdo taking pictures of rocks.

After what felt like a fair bit of walking, I eventually reached Dobroyd Head. I’m not aware of anything important about this particular location, but I certainly felt a different atmosphere here. There were several people either sitting or standing on the flat rock and gazing out into the ocean. It was quiet. No one said a word. It’s like we all understood this is where we have our moment of rest and reflection. And so I decided to join these strangers for a while.

6 thoughts on “Take a Hike: Spit Bridge to Manly Part 1

  1. my messy world says:

    …nothing better than a good hike on our beautiful planet accompanied by your camera ❤ Love the passage about everyone sitting and not speaking – must have been an amazing and peaceful feeling to it!!! ❤ The stone pictures are really nice as well. Don't feel weird because you take those pictures or collect shells – you might understand much more about life and see much more in the details than most people. Do your thing, and stick with it if it makes you happy ❤


  2. Misskaren says:

    What an amazing hike! You captured it beautifully Sandy, felt like I was walking with you the whole time…lol! Yep, must visit Sydney some day and do this.


    • Sandy says:

      Thanks Karen! Definitely add it to your to-do list when you visit Sydney 🙂

      It was an amazing hike. So naturally photogenic. Even a monkey with a camera like me could capture its beauty XD

      Liked by 1 person

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