Taking Stock: June 2015

As Winter takes a firm grip here in Sydney, I’ve found myself snuggled under a blanket or two during my free time. Apart from struggling to get to work most mornings, I haven’t really ventured out into the big wide world. Maybe I’m recovering from last month’s activities, or maybe it’s the cold weather, but either way I’ve been enjoying my time at home to relax. And if I could bring my blankie to work then things would be perfect.

Making: a little progress with my knitted throw/blanket.

Cooking: a lot of things with pumpkin. Pumpkin and Goats Cheese Tarts, Pumpkin Bread and, of course, Pumpkin Soup.

Reading: Frankie magazine.

Playing: ā€œWaiting for Loveā€ by Avicii ft Martin Garrix, “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” by Flo Rida ft Robin Thicke and Verdine White, and “Headlights” by Robin Schulz ft Ilsey.

Enjoying: catch-up time with my Younger Sister over Skype.

Sorting: out none of the financial stuff I said I would.

Wondering: why I always feel so hungry lately.

Waiting: for warmer weather to come around.

Deciding: that Super Boy and I should just be friends.

Wishing: that things could have worked out with Super Boy, but understanding that we are simply two very different people.

Liking: the smell of homemade roast tomato sauce.

Disliking: the Winter weather. Is it me or is it colder this year?

Considering: applying for a post-graduate course with my colleague.

Watching: ‘8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown’ and ‘Mock the Week’.

Marvelling: at how much cooking and baking (especially baking) I’ve done this past month.

Wanting: a nice wooden garden arch for my jasmine plant to climb over.

Needing: to take better care of my skin.

Wearing: my new favourite white knitted top from Portmans.

Following: advice on slow living.

Noticing: the rash on my hand still isn’t going away…

Knowing: that I could easily get stuff done around the house, but not feeling inclined to do so just yet.

Thinking: about what to eat next that won’t be too unhealthy.

Buying: lots and lots of plants for the house and garden! As well as my new favourite toy, the dual chamber tumbling compost bin.

Getting: way too excited about my new compost bin.

Admiring: flowers that bloom during Winter time.

Hoping: to do some hiking/bushwalking in the next month or so.

Loving: home-made seafood hot pot! Yummy yummy, thank you Mummy!

Giggling: with work colleagues like little school girls.

Planning: on making a start with the frontyard.

Feeling: productive and content.

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