Pit Stop at the Boiler House Cafe

I had mentioned that Super Boy and I stopped at the Boiler House Café on the way back from our Jenolan Caves and Blue Mountains weekend getaway. It was a random stop really. We just needed some lunch on the way home and this place looked decent.

Super Boy and I were lucky to snag a window seat around lunch time. The view was lovely, especially with the sun out and gorgeous blue skies.

I also really liked their decor.

We ordered some much needed coffee. I got the cafe latte and Super Boy got the espresso.

For our starter, we decided to share the Soup of the Day. On this occasion, it was Carrot and Cumin Soup served with herb bread. I’ve never had carrot soup before so was a little wary, but this just tasted so damn good. Don’t let the bowl fool you. It was a large portion! Super Boy and I wondered how one person would finish this on their own.

Being at the Boiler House Café, we ordered the Boiler House Pizza to share. I love ham, chorizo and olives, so I thought this pizza was great already. Super Boy commented that the pizza base must be made to order since it was so light and soft. I hadn’t noticed, but since he said it, I started noticing how lovely in texture the pizza base actually was. What an amazing pizza.

Of course, I needed some greens, so we also ordered the Rocket Salad with pear and parmesan. I love rocket, so this is my go-to salad of choice. And this was delicious.

Sadly, we were too full for dessert. But we did do a little snooping upstairs where their ‘gallery’ is. I didn’t take any pictures of the artworks on display because I get a bit weird about taking photos of other people’s work, especially local artists.

All in all, it was a very good (and much needed) pit stop on the way home to Sydney. The food was great and local, and the view was lovely. The meal was AU$59 in total. There was a very relaxed atmosphere, and the staff were friendly and attentive. Such a shame a place like this is hours from where I live.

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