Sydney Getaway: Jenolan Caves and the Blue Mountains Part 2

On our second day at Jenolan Caves, Super Boy and I started with a lie-in and then a bushwalk on McKeown’s Valley Track. We were pretty knackered and peckish by the time we returned to the Jenolan Caves House, so we had a quick lunch from the bistro and a rest in our room. It was a short rest because we were due to join the Diamond Cave tour we booked in the morning.

We were shown one of the rivers in the cave. Our guide told us that they don’t actually know how deep some of the rivers get. Once again, I am in awe of the crystal clear waters at Jenolan Caves. And believe it or not, the length of that stalactite below water is actually one metre! Talk about deceptive.

Some of the formations we saw were really thin, kind of like a biscuit. Our guide said that they called them ‘shawls’ because of their thin and wavy nature.

This part of the cave above was apparently inspiration for one of the Star Wars planets. Our tour guide was really good at explaining the different crystal formations in the cave. I, unfortunately, don’t have a good memory in order to recall it all. The only thing I remember is that stalactites hold on tight to the ceiling, and stalagmites might grow up and reach the roof. When the stalactite and stalagmite join together it’s called a column or pillar, or as the guide would call it, a tighty-mighty.

This gorgeous formation is where the tour ends (before you back-track to exit the cave). It’s an amazing, shimmering crystal formation. I think it’s about a metre wide and consists of stalactites, straws and helictites (you can learn a bit more here). After getting our picture taken, we headed back through the cave and were ready for dinner at Chisolm’s Restaurant.

We started with Linguine Pescatore.

I decided to go vegetarian and ordered the Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable stack, plus a side of sautéed greens because you can never have enough greens.

Super Boy ordered the Fish of the Day Special, which was Salmon Fillet with potato mash, sautéed greens and a cream sauce.

And because I’m a glutton, I ordered the White Chocolate Crème Brulee. It’s a good sign if it comes out with a smiley face, right? After dinner, we retired to our room and chatted while sorting our things in order to check-out the following day.

We missed the breakfast buffet (again), but we got our beauty sleep and were ready for the road once more. It was a beautiful day for a drive back to Sydney.

Super Boy decided we should pull over for a little while to check out ‘the forest’.

However, the wind was starting to pick up and so we hopped back into Chiswick. On our way back, passing by the State Forest, a kangaroo and their joey leapt out in front of us! Luckily, we weren’t going too fast and we braked in time. The joey slipped on the icy road in front of us, and took a few seconds to scramble back onto its feet and leap back into the forest on the other side of the road. What a near miss.

Thankfully, the rest of our journey back to Sydney was uneventful. Super Boy and I stopped by the Boiler House Café for lunch and a bit of a stretch, but otherwise it was a smooth journey back to the hustle and bustle of Sydney. Oh, Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves, I do miss you.

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