Vivid Sydney 2015: Part 02

I actually went back to The City again for Vivid Sydney, this time with Super Boy so he could see  what it was all about, and so I could hopefully catch some other light installations around town. We decided to get dinner first at Chinatown Noodle King and spent a good hour or so there, not leaving ourselves much time to wander around. Oops!

Nevertheless, we waddled walked through Darling Quarter and to Darling Harbour where we stumbled across the Vivid Laser-Fountain Water Theatre. Sometimes it’s all about timing and we were so lucky to arrive for the fireworks show!

How they create the amazing laser-light effects with the water is beyond me. My photos really don’t do this spectacular light show any justice. It was amazing! We also stuck around for the next light-show (sadly, no fireworks re-appeared). Since we had little time to explore, I decided that if there was one thing Super Boy needed to see, it would be Enchanted Sydney at Customs House.

I saw it during my previous visit to VIvid Sydney, and it is my favourite light installation this year. Bright, colourful and all about nature, it’s no wonder this one captured my heart.

I believe today is the very last night of VIvid Sydney, so there’s still time to catch it if you fancy. Lights switch on at 6pm and glow until midnight. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next year.

5 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2015: Part 02

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    I missed the fireworks sync, sadly but maybe next year. There was a different show every 30 minutes, and I saw 3 of them. You really did love Customs House, didn’t you?

    Plan better next time. Many of the Chinatown restaurants stay open till 2am. 🙂


    • Sandy says:

      The light show was still good without the fireworks, but they do add a special touch of magic to the show. Will you be sharing any photos from the water theatre? Oh, I am so in love with Customs House ❤ I saw your post and I loved the photos (of course).

      Chinatown restaurants may open til late, but sadly my stomach cannot wait XD


  2. Lignum Draco says:

    What was your favourite part of the Enchanted Sydney display?
    Not to reveal too much, but parts 7 and 8 of my series are away from Circular Quay. 🙂

    I snack then go to BBQ King afterwards. Food is usually ready within 10 minutes, much quicker if you just want barbecued meats with rice/noodles and veggies.


    • Sandy says:

      Hard to pick a favourite part. Hmm… probably when they show the native flora. To me it’s a nice reminder of the uniqueness we’re surrounded with. Plus, it’s so colourful and ‘vivid’ 🙂
      BBQ King sounds good. Actually, any place that serves barbcued meats is good in my books.
      Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve from Vivid!


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