Vivid Sydney 2015: Part 01

Vivid Sydney is back in town! It is now in its 7th year, but this was my second time attending. Unlike last year where I just happened to be in The City, this year I went with the intention of seeing as much as my legs would allow me to. And before freezing to death, of course.

With so many light installations to see and so little time, I decided to walk around Circular Quay where I could see as much as possible in one night. There’s something magical about a city drenched in darkness and illuminated with coloured lights. It was also great to see so many people out and about in spite of the chilly night.

So many colours flashing across the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) for Mechanised Colour Assemblage. I was hypnotised by all the colour, and even reminisced a little about my good ol’ Tetris days.

Entitle. This was definitely one popular little pig.

I couldn’t see Vivid without seeing Lighting the Sails. The ever-changing images that whirled across the iconic Sydney Opera House was mesmerising. I stood in this spot for well over 15mins just watching. Those little ‘ghosts’ in the picture above are my favourite little guys.

This illuminated Tidal Reed Garden was also mesmerising to watch. They bobbed all over the place according to the movements of the water. To me they looked so sturdy, yet so delicate. I wish I could take one home.

And here we have Arclight, designed to look like Australian mangroves and emits light according to the surrounding environment. Kind of alien, but very cool. Standing next to them and looking up makes you realise how small you are.

Anyway, I’ll leave you by the mangroves for now. If you’re keen to check out Vivid Sydney, it’s still on until the 8th of June. Lights switch on at 6pm and glow until midnight. Despite the cold and occasionally windy weather, I’d say it was worth the trip.

4 thoughts on “Vivid Sydney 2015: Part 01

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Glad you got to go. However you do need more than 1 night. I’m guessing you bought one of those flashing bows for your head? 🙂 It’s all part of the fun.


    • Sandy says:

      Definitely need more than one night. At times like this I wish I lived closer to the City. And I almost succumbed to buying a flashing headband, but then you might have spotted me in the wild 😉


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