The Versatile Blogger Award

Apologies for my sporadic posts lately. A combination of trying to get enough sleep, going through a blog identity crisis and not having much to write about has led to it being a bit quiet around here. Given all that, I actually feel quite undeserving of being nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. Not once, but twice! I’m chuffed. Really, I am. But it didn’t stop me from wondering how in the world this could happen. Was it a full moon? I don’t know.

Truth be told, I was first nominated about a month ago and thought really hard about trying to write an amazing post befitting of the nomination. Nothing came, of course. And then I was nominated again a week later. Panic mode took over and I abandoned the mission altogether. But I’m back now, feeling slightly refreshed and ready to talk/write once more.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thanks to Karen over at Chocolaty Prints for the first nomination. I’ve been following her for a while now and have seen her grow over time. Karen is always so positive and is a beautiful person both inside and out, and she highlights all the amazing things happening in Uganda. I highly recommend checking out her blog. Next, I would also like to thank David over at Omnipleasant for the second nomination. I’m a relatively new follower, but I’ve enjoyed reading his posts on how to make the most of my day/time. It’s good, simple advice for a lost soul like myself.

So, as with tradition of The Versatile Blogger Award, here are seven things about me:

  1. I’m a really anxious person. I wouldn’t say I have anxiety, but I know that I worry about things and situations that wouldn’t cross most people’s minds.
  2. People always tell me that I have neat handwriting.
  3. I don’t like wearing trousers. I find them really unflattering on me, so avoid them altogether.
  4. I love sleeping. I’m the kind of person that needs to have eight hours a night. If not, you might find yourself with a grumpy Sandy.
  5. I really like the idea of living on a little farm and growing enough food for me and my family, and chasing after chickens. I know this is unlikely to happen, so I will have to stick with growing some fruit trees in the backyard and hoping for the best.
  6. I love walking. I used to explore London by foot and am slowly doing the same in Sydney. More recently, I discovered I have a love for bush-walking.
  7. When I left primary school, aged 11, I wrote down that I would like to be an Author one day. Doubt that will happen, but having this blog comes close.

Well there you have it. If you’re interested to know a few other things about me (for some strange reason), I’ve written a little list before that you can check out. Now, I’m supposed to nominate fifteen other blogs/bloggers, but for the life of me I couldn’t put this list together. Perhaps I’m not following enough blogs? So, what I’d like to do instead is ask you to nominate a blog or two that you think I should read. Please let me know if you have a favourite blog/blogger and why. I’m always interested in finding new blogs to read.

6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks Draco 🙂

      I managed to do some bushwalking around Jenolan Caves, but it definitely needed a whole day! Do you go bushwalking?


      • Lignum Draco says:

        Not as much as I used to. I go for several hours at a time – I have a full kit just in case. I love looking through Paddy Pallin and the like, for new toys. 🙂


      • Sandy says:

        A full kit? Wow. And I thought a backpack with food and water was enough XD I might have to check that store out.


  1. <3 missus <3 says:

    Congratulations!!! Well done girl, and keep the writing up no matter what – if it makes you happy and it’s something you’d like to continue, keep it up ❤ Your post reminds me I still haven't done a post for my nomination :-S How embarassing!!! But see – your post gives me a tender kick in the behind to finally gather my stuff together and write it…!!! Thank you 🙂


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