This could be the Start of Something Minimal

I am not sure when it all began, but I’ve been really drawn to the idea of living minimally. I feel it in my constant need to de-clutter Hello HQ and my lust for a home that is white on white on white. Honestly, I’m swooning just thinking about it. But the minimalistic lifestyle I am attracted to isn’t only about getting rid of all my unwanted junk and painting all the furniture white (although that’s a great place to start!).

I can’t quite put it into words, but thankfully Anuschka from ‘Into Mind‘ was able to. After reading the beginner’s guide, I felt like this was something I’ve been needing to do for some time now. I haven’t felt as positive and energetic as I did before. And I could feel that the piles of stuff around the house were affecting me. So it’s good to know that I’m not alone and science has found physical clutter can negatively affect your focus and make you more irritable.

So it’s time to take action. Time to remove what is not adding value to my life, to make space for the things I enjoy doing, and to create an environment where I feel I can relax after a long day at work. I’m not sure I can make the change and stay committed. However, when I think about the way I live and the way I want to live,Β  I know it’s something I need to do. Living minimally and mindfully just speaks to the heart of me.

I’ve been doing the 30-day minimalism challenge and am almost halfway through. So far, most of it has been easy for me since I quite enjoy my solitude and am all for de-cluttering. The hardest day was no-complaint day, which I royally fucked up because of my morning commute to work (they say hell is other drivers and I agree). Although, I know that instead of blaming others I should just look at the way I respond to them. And that’s been incredibly difficult, but that’s why they call it a challenge.

If you’re thinking of giving minimalism a go, you can try the 30-day challenge too. Let me know if you do. I’d love to hear how you go. If 30 days feels a bit much, you can check out the simple guide on 9 ways to start living minimally or read what you can do about clutter or an opinion article on living with less. Maybe it’s my inner dork, but I’m quite excited about starting to live more minimally.

3 thoughts on “This could be the Start of Something Minimal

  1. <3 missus <3 says:

    I can totally understand your need for less. I feel the same way, and that feeling has increased over the past few years. Not good. Thank you for sharing the links of this lady, that sounds very interesting! The 30day challenge seems a bit too easy to me though because I already do most of those things and it’s no big bother. But I’ll gladly read into the other posts since it’s been a topic I’ve been seeking to look into. I love that picture of the bed btw – is that your own room? It feels so clean and inspiring… My room walls tend to be cluttered after little time 😦 Good luck on your journey!


    • Sandy says:

      All the clutter around my home definitely had a negative impact on me. The more I got rid of, the better I felt. Hence why I’m totally onboard your tidy-up project! πŸ˜€ Perhaps if the 30-day challenge isn’t for you, you could make your own list of challenges. I’d be happy to try them out if you post them πŸ˜‰

      And yes, that is my bed. It may look clean and inspiring, but my closet and the other side of the room is utter chaos XD

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      • <3 missus <3 says:

        I’m starting to feel the way you’re telling me about it – it’s amazing!!! I’m so superbusy with the tidy-up-challenge now that I barely get to post about it 😦 Bare with me for a few more days… πŸ™‚

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