Taking Stock: February 2015

February. The last month of Summer here in the southern hemisphere. The mornings have been noticeably darker and the days end just that little bit earlier. I honestly didn’t realise Summer was ending until it was actually over. I guess I’ve been that busy. Not that it seems like I did much in February.

Making: progress with my big knitted red scarf and finally finishing it. Woohoo! Now I’m onto knitting a white infinity scarf.

Cooking: baked salmon and veggies with my mates, and a bean salad for myself.

Reading: ‘The Art of Belonging’ by Hugh Mackay.

Playing: ‘Pray to God‘ by Calvin Harris feat. HAIM (still), ‘Sun Goes Down‘ by Robin Schulz feat. Jasmine Thompson, and ‘I Love It When You Cry‘ by Steve Aoki feat. Moxie.

Enjoying: my day out for the Chinese New Year festivities in Sydney City, and visitng the Chinese Garden of Friendship in particular. So tiring, but such a great day out.

Sorting: out my professional development goals for the year. It’s time to step it up and get some more training under my belt.

Wondering: if I should buy a new bed. I’ve had a few nights of uncomfortable and disrupted sleep, and I think it’s down to my mattress and bedroom environment.

Waiting: for Super Boy to come back from his holiday so we can hang out again.

Deciding: that I need to start reading more for my professional development.

Wishing: that the days would still be nice and long, and pining for the English Summer (no it does not just consist of rain).

Liking: time to myself.

Disliking: darker mornings. It’s getting hard to roll out of bed at 6:15am…

Considering: doing another degree or course to boost my social work skills.

Watching: an anime series called ‘Death Note’.

Marvelling: at how my star jasmine plant is growing so suddenly. It’s time to make a place for it in the front yard.

Wanting: a few good night’s sleep.

Needing: to do another round of cleaning at Hello HQ to de-clutter.

Wearing: black pleather pants and a t-shirt.

Following: my work colleague’s lead and going for after-work swims.

Noticing: that The Parents are quite inquisitive about Super Boy. Mum in particular. I know she’s said that there’s no need to rush into a relationship, but I do occasionally feel the pressure of being a single female at my age.

Knowing: that I should stop putting off boring tasks and just get them done.

Thinking: about the risks we do or do not choose to take. I wonder if the reasons we convince ourselves for not making a move is just our way of not wanting to deal with the possibility of failure (this isn’t about my life choices, I’ve just been talking to The Bestie a lot recently about their situation).

Buying: a few new books, Frankie magazine, some yarn and pyjamas.

Getting: too excited about an impromptu pine cone hunting session.

Admiring: other people’s flawless instagram feeds, such as Melissa at milkthistles and Cindy at mrpaddingtonbear. Amazing!

Hoping: to make more progress with house and home updates.

Loving: peking duck roti and peking duck in general (King’s Seafood Restaurant in Eastwood does really delicious peking duck).

Giggling: with The Bestie about how silly our friends can be.

Planning: to clean out my wardrobe and bedroom.

Feeling: a little bit unmotivated and mentally drained.

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