Sydney Chinese Gardens

It’s strange to think that an oasis like the Chinese Garden of Friendship exists in the middle of Sydney, and yet here it is. It’s been over ten, maybe even twenty years since The Parents and I visited together. With some time on our hands between checking out the Chinese New Year festivities, I convinced The Parents to come with me for a walk through the gardens.

There were quite a lot of bonsais on display. I might have a thing for them. I just find them so fascinating.

As part of the Chinese New Year celebrations, they had activities for kids such as drawing and making a mask. Some kids are just so darned creative. Other activities included tea leaf reading and writing down your hopes for the new year.

After writing down and tying our wishes to the rest, The Parents and I went on our walk through the Chinese Gardens.

In addition to the other festivities going on in the Chinese Gardens, they placed the 12 animals of the zodiac throughout the garden for people to find. The Parents and I went on a mission to find them all, which took us up, down and around the gardens.

Like I said earlier, it’s hard to believe that such a peaceful place exists in Sydney CBD. You wouldn’t know it unless you looked up and saw the buildings towering behind. It’s a weird contrast.

I’m not sure about The Parents, but I had a great time walking through the Chinese Gardens. If gardens are your thing, I would highly recommend a visit. There’s a small fee to pay for entry, but I think it’s worth it. It’s such a great place! I was so tired, but I really enjoyed it.

If I’m honest, the main reason I wanted to visit was to re-create a childhood photo. I won’t share the results of my attempts, but I will leave you with a picture of the original childhood photo. I don’t know why, but this photo just makes me laugh.

If you do end up visiting the Chinese Gardens, I hope you have more fun than I look like I’m having here.

2 thoughts on “Sydney Chinese Gardens

  1. Misskaren says:

    Ha ha! That picture of you is so CUTE! I would definitely love to visit those beautiful gardens and make something out of it with my family. I doubt they’d walk too long though :-/


    • Sandy says:

      Haha. Aww… thanks. Kind of embarrassing, but there’s something about childhood photos that I love.

      If you ever get the chance to visit Sydney, I would definitely recommend the Chinese Gardens. It felt tiring walking through, but there are plenty of resting places throughout the garden. And even a tea house. Hope you get to visit one day πŸ™‚


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