A Few Things

Frankie magazine, my favourite pair of flats (finally fixed!) and some fresh flowers


Can we talk about how two out of three of these things have led to my financial demise over the last week? I kid — sort of. I think I have splashed too much cash in the last two days alone, and I’m feeling slightly guilty for purchases that I wanted rather than needed. I justify these buys in my mind and I feel better about it, but I know I need more financial restraint if I’m to achieve the things I set out to do. Money management is boring and I’m currently procrastinating from it all. I will get back to it (I promise), but first, just a few things:

01. If you ever need your shoes repaired, I would recommend Roger Shoe Repairs in Redfern. My favourite pair of flats got a hole in them and after a few days in Roger’s care, they’re as good as new.

02. After dropping off my shoes to get fixed, I popped into Kinokuniya for the first time in a long time. After hours spent browsing, and some disappointment at the disappearance of their social work section, I bought two books — ‘The Art of Belonging’ by Hugh Mackay, and ‘Our Ageing Brain’ by André Aleman. I’ve just started The Art of Belonging and it’s a pretty good and easy read so far. I’ll let you know how I go (I also went back another day and picked up ‘Animal Hats’ by Vanessa Mooncie so I could try knitting some cute hats).

03. I read opened up Frankie magazine and was greeted by a beautiful ad showing a gorgeous knitted blanket draped around a stunning-looking woman. Advertising works. I’m now consumed with the idea of knitting a blanket. Again. I tried last year and failed, but I’m reasoning with myself that this time will be different. It probably won’t be. As a way of compromising, I decided I’ll first knit an infinity scarf. I went to Morris and Sons and bought some lovely yarn. Which leads me to…

04. I’ve been trying to finally finish knitting my red scarf so I can move onto another project. I am so close. I am so excited. And it’ll be done in time for Winter. Hooray!

05. Super Boy is away overseas this month. He flew out last night and I already miss him (is this what it feels like to be in love?). No more dinner dates or random pine cone hunting for a while. To be fair, we did spend a lot of time together in January, so this month it’s time to focus on ourselves as individuals. He’s visiting family and I have lots of paperwork to muddle through.

And with that in mind, it’s time to finally sort through my finances and money-related stuff. It’s boring. It’s dry. But a woman’s gotta look after herself.

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