A Trip to the Sydney Aquarium

Oh my gosh, you guys! I cannot express how much I loved my visit to the Sydney Aquarium! I have never been before and so was really looking forward to this trip. And it did not disappoint. I went with Super Boy and we spent two and a half hours ‘ooh’-ing and ‘aah’-ing, and getting excited at seeing the different types of sea life like little kids. Honestly, I would highly recommend a visit. I had so much fun!

I loved watching the rays. They seem to glide so effortlessly through the water. At one point, there were three gliding through in a line. It was so cute. We were lucky to be there when a presenter started telling us about rays. The only thing I remember is that the difference between rays and sharks are where their gills are. Sharks have gills on the side. Rays have gills on the bottom. I also got to hold a ray’s stinger, which is barbed and made out of cartilage.

‘Well, that’s a funny-looking rock,’ I thought to myself. Turns out, it was a fish. Hahaha. Pretty sneaky fish.

This pretty little lady is a coral-striped shrimp. You can tell it’s female because she’s carrying the eggs (the pale green under her body). So beautiful.

It’s quite a long walk through the aquarium. I guess there’s that much to see! Super Boy commented that it’s like walking through a maze like IKEA. Haha. It’s true. Near the end, we got to touch some of the sea creatures like the starfish and the sea cucumber. Have you ever stroked a sea cucumber? They feel sooo soft. It’s weird.

The next section is the Great Barrier Reef, which was my favourite! I’ll share it with you next time because, if like us, you’re probably feeling quite knackered after all this sea life exploring. If you’re interested in going to see all these amazing creatures yourself, you can buy tickets online and save a little bit of money (depending on the season). We honestly didn’t save that much, but I felt this trip was worth my money. Anyway, time for a break before we continue through the Sydney Aquarium.

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