Sydney Festival 2015

This is the year I explore Sydney a bit more, and what better way to start than by attending the Sydney Festival? I’ve never been before, but after checking out the different events online, I was quite excited and ready to go, dragging poor Super Boy along with me.

We hopped on the train after work and decided to stop by Carriageworks first to check out the free stuff, like the Sydney Buddha.

We also checked out ‘Inside There Falls‘, where we all had to don floaty white coats before entering the space.

We tried to find Spongebob at Carriageworks, but he proved to be an elusive character. So, we headed towards the Sydney Theatre for ‘Tabac Rouge‘. Honestly, there was no real reason for choosing this show instead of another. It just appealed to both myself and Super Boy. I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so here’s some outside…

It was a great show, although I’m not sure I understood all of it. Perhaps I’m not cultured enough. I still really enjoyed it, and may think about seeing other theatre shows in future. We’ll see.

After the show, Super Boy and I walked to Hyde Park to hopefully get some food in the Festival Village. It was late by the time we arrived, and I wasn’t sure any food stalls would still be open. Thankfully, the only stall I wanted to try was still open. Just.

One quick look at the menu and I already knew what I wanted. The Chilli Dog.

Not the best picture taken here, but OMG so yummy! I’m salivating thinking about it now. I (reluctantly) shared my chilli dog with Super Boy, and kind-of (definitely) got upset when he didn’t know how to handle this thing of beauty with the care it deserved. Be warned: it set me back AU$15. I might have to figure out a way to make this myself if I don’t want to go broke.

Anyway, Super Boy and I wandered around the Festival Village a little before we headed home. It was a nice evening out and I really enjoyed my time at the Sydney Festival. I feel that one day isn’t enough to see all that it has to offer, so I’m hoping to go back and see some of the other events.

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