Lunch with Mum at Samosorn

Mum had a day off work, so I decided we’d spend the day in The City. She decided that she’d like to go shopping, so we hopped on the train and made our way, firstly, to QVB, and then to Westfields Sydney. While the shopping itself was uneventful, we had lunch at a place called Samosorn that I just have to tell you about.

It’s a little restaurant tucked away in the corner of the food court in Westfields, marketing itself as a Thai Local Food Hall. Essentially, you order your food at the till, grab your number-on-a-metal-stick, and find a table to sit and wait.

I loved the decΓ³r, but that said, I’m a sucker for colourful paper lanterns and bunting. As well as a lover for all things antique-y. Despite it feeling really busy, our food came out within 10mins.

Mum ordered the Sukho Thai Soup without chilli (sadly, no photo). It reminded me of combination glass noodles in chicken broth, but with a bit more sweet and sour flavour in their broth. It was pretty yummy. I ordered the Khao Mhu Grob which was rice with crispy pork belly, BBQ pork, egg and gravy. Very flavoursome pork belly and gravy that both Mum and I enjoyed. I also ordered a Kaffe Yen (iced milk coffee) which was delicious (and much needed).

The portions were just right for both of us (we normally struggle to finish up our meal) and the food itself was delicious. Our meal cost $30.90 in total, which I think is average for The City. What I really liked about this place was the different Thai food offered on their menu compared to other places I’ve been to. It seemed like a popular place with many people coming and going while we were there. I love the relaxed vibe of this place and would definitely go back. If only it wasn’t so far away!

4 thoughts on “Lunch with Mum at Samosorn

  1. Lignum Draco says:

    Is this in Westfields (Centrepoint) or the Sydney Central Plaza (Myer building, or if you’re old enough like me, the Grace brothers building)?

    Mostly i go to Ippudo or Din Tai Fung in Westfields. Now you know too much about me πŸ˜‰


    • Sandy says:

      It’s not inside the Westfields and underneath Myer (which I also remember as Grace Brothers! >_<)

      Ooh… now that I know your hang out spots, I might try to find the elusive Draco πŸ˜‰


  2. Lignum Draco says:

    Well I was there a couple of hours ago, but I didn’t hear anyone call out: “Hey Draco, hello from Sandy” πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with your dragon hunt. Should you ever find me, I’d be most happy to buy you a coffee.


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