Sparkling or Still

During my most recent day off, I managed to catch up on e-mails, clean the house a little, donate my hair, donate unwanted clothing and bric-a-brac to a local charity, and head out to The Rocks Village Bizarre in the evening. I personally consider that to be a very busy day. There’s something nice about being able to look back and think that I’ve managed to accomplish a lot in one day.

But honestly, my ideal day off would really involve bumming around the house.

I’d wake up later than usual (which is around 7am, or 8am if I’m lucky) and go through the regular morning bathroom rituals at a slower pace. I’d stay in my PJs all day. I’d make a cup of coffee and either sit in front of the computer to catch up on some favourite internet reads, or sit near my shelfie and catch up on Instagram. Apart from making a nice vegetarian lunch, I’d spend the day knitting while listening to a podcast or reading. Or, I could be watching QI on YouTube. I might brew a second coffee, or I might lie down in bed for a while and day-dream a little or reflect on events that have happened recently.

In the evening, I’d have a nice dinner with family. Doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant. A home-cooked meal is usually best. With Mum’s corn soup to finish. With a full belly, I’ll continue to read until I get sleepy. I’d fall asleep almost instantly, hugging my beloved (and overly-loved) bear in my spacious bed with fresh sheets.

I know it’s not the most exciting day off, and hell, I could probably do this any day of the week. But I guess the thing is, I don’t. I still get caught up with feeling like I need to do something productive all the time. And I need to constantly remind myself that I’m allowed to switch off and re-charge. Last night while drifting off to sleep, and this morning while I was in that lovely haze of waking up, my mind was racing with all the things I needed to do once I got to work on Monday. Do you know how ridiculous that is? It was Saturday morning and I was thinking about my Monday morning at work.

This is why my perfect day off involves doing nothing at all. And not feeling guilty about it one bit.

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