The Rocks Village Bizarre

I got a little excited when I heard about The Rocks Village Bizarre. I’ve never been before, but I really liked the idea of it. Who doesn’t love a little mystery, magic, music and markets? Party poopers, that’s who! Anyway, I managed to convince Super Boy to come along with me, so we spent Friday night walking about and exploring The Rocks.

We spent a fair bit of time at The Gin Mill Social part of town where there was a band, fire dancer, burlesque dancer, and general 1920s vibe.

We also came across The Clubhouse with PeterBaekerLive, where DJ Peter Baeker was dj-ing and rocking out with visitors in a shopfront. You could either line up to participate, or simply watch through the window.

We also came across a kind of spooky altar to Kali Madonna…

And a very interesting Match Box Project, where people from around the world are asked to create what’s wonderful about their city in a matchbox. Some people are just darn creative.

Super Boy and I eventually had dinner along the harbour somewhere before heading home. I only looked at the program for The Rocks Village Bizarre now and realised just how much I missed seeing. But it’s on every Friday night up until Christmas, and I’m sure I’ll be making another visit in a few weeks.

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