Taking Stock: October 2014

October, what just happened? You came and went without warning. Now I’m sat here trying to remember everything we shared together.

My Younger Sister’s imminent departure meant that every possible waking minute was spent with her β€” eatin’, chillin’ and gamin’. At the same time, I started dating Super Boy and so time was divided to see him too. Work also became quite hectic for a while with a burst of clients joining the program. I suppose with the increased caseload and off-work time spent with family and friends and little sleep, it was probably inevitable that I came down with something and was put out of action for a week.

But that’s cool, October. I don’t blame you. It was fun while it lasted, but we both need to move on.

Making: a knitted scarf, despite it clearly being Spring here in Sydney.

Cooking: nothing this month. There was a lot of dining out in anticipation of my Younger Sister’s departure. She and I did create our own cheese and charcuterie board though. Yum!

Drinking: one less coffee a day and a lot more water.

Reading: Haruki Murakami’s ‘1Q84’.

Wanting: to redecorate every room in the house since redecorating the study room.

Looking: through Instagram to find indoor and outdoor garden inspiration.

Playing: “Heroes (we could be)” by Alesso feat. Tove Lo (a lot), and “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift (it’s too damn catchy)

Deciding: to explore the city that I live in.

Wishing: for more greenery inside the home.

Enjoying: time spent at the various outings I attended this month, from the Chocolate Festival and my friend’s wedding, to dinners with family and after-work drinks.

Waiting: to get my hair cut and donated to the Beautiful Lengths campaign.

Liking: Super Boy just a little bit more.

Wondering: if Super Boy is right for me.

Loving: walking around town on warm and balmy evenings.

Pondering: what ageing means.

Considering: starting a saving’s account (still. This woman thinks a lot on things).

Watching: nothing in particular.

Hoping: my Younger Sister will be okay in another country on her own, and hoping that The Parents (especially Mum) will be okay with her being in another country on her own.

Marvelling: at how Lake Parramatta could exist in a slice of suburbia.

Needing: a forced break to rest and recuperate.

Smelling: hazelnut lattΓ©s. Why haven’t I tried it before?

Wearing: my favourite black floral embossed pleather skirt. Without tights. Yay!

Following: advice on slowing down a bit and looking after yourself.

Noticing: just how many clothes I have yet to put away. Anyone else have a “clothes chair” or two?

Knowing: that life is what you make of it.

Thinking: about purchasing an investment property. Maybe I’ve been sucked into thinking I need one. Maybe it’s what I need for a secure future.

Admiring: other people’s indoor and outdoor gardens. I’m obsessed with gardens!

Sorting: out things at work.

Buying: small bits and pieces for the home.

Saving: up my pennies for a holiday next year, for house and garden updates, and for my future.

Getting: a sore right-shoulder from my day of building IKEA bookshelves. On the plus side, the study room feels totally different and looks amazing as a result. I can’t wait to get even more books!

Disliking: my week-long illness/sickness.

Opening: boxes and boxes of IKEA bookshelves!

Giggling: with Super Boy.

Feeling: motivated to power through the rest of the year.

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