Happy to have met You

“I’m happy to have met you,” Super Boy said.

It was getting late. We’ve been chatting a lot and quite frequently. Usually about nothing in particular, but sometimes about past relationship experiences and what we’re hoping to find in the proverbial “one”. Despite all this talking and getting to know each other, I kind of feel that I don’t know much about Super Boy at all.

Have I not been paying attention? Maybe. I don’t know.

Perhaps it’s too soon to actually pinpoint someone’s personality. We only started to get-to-know-each-other a few months ago. But then, when I really think about it, and the kind of person I think Super Boy is — genuine, kind, curious — I realise that he’s just a really nice guy. The kind of guy that, even if this dating thing doesn’t work out, I’ll be glad to (hopefully) have as a close friend.

“I’m happy to have met you too,” I reply.

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