Dinner Date at Oldtown in Newtown

I don’t mean to get all food critic-y here, but I had such a nice meal at Oldtown in Newtown, I really wanted to share. Super Boy and I decided to head into Newtown after work for a dinner date. Originally, Super Boy wanted to try a particular vegetarian restaurant, but after looking at their menu, we decided that maybe it wasn’t what we fancied that evening. We had walked along Newtown’s King Street earlier, admiring all the old buildings and getting total house envy (or perhaps that was just me), and we walked past many of the different eateries. As we walked past Oldtown in Newtown, we made a note to return if the other restaurant wasn’t to our liking. So, we found ourselves wandering back, and luckily a table was free.

It’s a small Italian restaurant with about 7-8 tables inside and a few tables set up out on the footpath. It was homely (the British English definition) and I loved everything about the decor. Super Boy said it was definitely me. After studying their clipboard menu (I adore menus on clipboards), we ordered and waited for the food to arrive while chatting away.

We shared an entrΓ©e of homemade burrata with caramelised pears. There’s also the option of pairing the homemade burrata with tomato and basil, but our waitress said that most customers preferred the caramelised pears so we went with that. Oh man, it was yummy!

As for the mains, Super Boy ordered the sticky beef ribs and I had the spiced pumpkin gnocchi. His plate looked a little larger than mine, but both were equally delicious. I think Super Boy really liked their homemade jalapeΓ±os.

We were offered a dessert menu, but unfortunately both of us were too full (what happened to my dessert stomach?). Maybe next time. It’s definitely a placed I would love to go back to. We had a very leisurely dinner with great food and friendly staff. As for the ‘date’ part of it? Well, a woman shouldn’t kiss and tell.

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