Taking a (forced) Break

I wasn’t ready for this week. Or this month even. It’s halfway through October and I can’t remember getting anything done. This is not the me I’d like to be.

I’ve been sick for almost a week, which is rare for me. I thought it was a simple cold or flu since I had a non-stop runny nose. I managed to attend a wedding on Sunday with tissues stuck up my nose (it’s the new look), but feeling really tired and brain-dead. I woke up on Monday hoping to get to work, but was ready to crawl back into bed again a mere half hour later. My body and mind were failing me. Or have I failed them?

After all the sleep I’ve been having this past week, I’m starting to feel better. I’m not so tired and my brain seems to be functioning better (correct me if I’m wrong). In a weird way, this virus has given me what I needed β€” lots of rest.

In a world where we glorify busy, it’s hard to remember to take a breather for fear of missing out. I know I’ve succumbed to this many times. It’s difficult to tell yourself to do things at your own pace when you see others flying past. Yes, there are things I want to achieve. No, it’s not a race to see who gets there first. Some days I’ll run a mile to get there and other days I’ll barely plod along. Either way, I’m moving forward. I just need to have a pit stop every now and then.

This break (albeit a forced one) has allowed me to re-charge my batteries and re-focus on what I want to do. With nothing better to do than lay around in bed and catch up on sleep, I’ve had time to think about my manifesto and what kind of life or world I want to build around me. It’s a tricky question to tackle, especially when your brain doesn’t seem to be wired correctly, but I rarely take a moment to stop and think about where I’m going since I’m “too busy” doing.

Hopefully, after this break, I’ll be back on my feet and heading in the direction I want. But at a more manageable pace.

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