Taking Stock: September 2014


Wowee! I feel like I’ve had an incredibly busy month and I’m ready to flop into bed and not wake up until Christmas (just set up my tree for me and leave my presents underneath Santa. Thanks!). My Younger Sister came back from Japan last month but she’s ready to jet off back again for work. So the past month has been about spending as much time with her as possible and eating all the yummy things we said we would. Work has also been hectic with our team temporarily down two social workers and a sudden influx of clients, so the reamining three of us are holding down the fort as best we can. I’ve also been working on sprucing up this old house and have been on a few dates inbetween. Most people might say this constant running around is just normal life, but I’m going to say that this isn’t for me and I may need to consider some sort of Spring-time hibernation.

Making: a knitted scarf.

Cooking: lamb chops with mash and veggies for me and my Younger Sister.

Drinking: mainly coffee and green tea with a little bit of water occasionally.

Reading: nothing, but I did manage to finally purchase Haruki Murakami’s ‘1Q84’.

Wanting: to buy a new dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding.

Looking: at other people’s gardens with envy.

Playing: “Lovers on the Sun” by David Guetta feat. Sam Martin and “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith.

Deciding: to just go for it and see what happens.

Wishing: for a bedroom make-over (but knowing I don’t really need one).

Enjoying: spending some time with my Younger Sister.

Waiting: for some time off work.

Liking: how old family photos can bring so much laughter and joy.

Wondering: if the boy is right for me, if I’m ready to move on, and if I’ll ever see him again.

Loving: that the days are longer.

Pondering: about what I want out of life.

Considering: starting some kind of savings account for my future (because a woman’s gotta look after herself).

Watching: my lemon and lime trees grow.

Hoping: to go antique hunting some day soon.

Marvelling: at the strength of my fellow social work colleague.

Needing: a break.

Smelling: Ribs and Burgers *drool*

Wearing: tights, still. What is up with that?

Following: advice on trying or doing different things rather than sticking to routine.

Noticing: how much junk I keep in my life. It really needs to go.

Knowing: I can get a lot done if I try.

Thinking: about that dreaded front yard which needs a LOT of work…

Admiring: people who can create an indoor jungle in their homes. I want one too!

Sorting: out the house.

Buying: bookshelves and a desk from IKEA for the study room revamp.

Saving: for house and garden updates.

Getting: excited about having a new study room.

Disliking: people who shirk their responsibilities.

Opening: up to someone new and not really sure I should.

Giggling: with my Younger Sister over silly jokes.

Feeling: knackered!

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