The Japanese Gardens in Auburn

I heard about Auburn Botanic Gardens holding a Cherry Blossom Festival after the event had finished. Story of my life, but I figured that I could still pay a visit to catch a glimpse of the beautiful gardens and cherry blossom trees.

It was actually an unplanned visit. I happened to be driving past Auburn Botanic Gardens and remembered the cherry blossoms, so made a mental note to return after finishing what I had to do. I only managed a short visit at the Japanese Gardens, but managed to take quite a few snaps and a friendly pine cone (named Freddo) home with me.

It was a grey and windy weekday when I visited, and I was surprised by how many people were actually wandering through the gardens as well. There were young couples, small groups of friends, older couples and families, a social group on an outing, and even a couple taking some wedding photos.

This was really quite a pleasant find. I didn’t expect to see such beautiful gardens in Auburn because, let’s be honest, the focus is usually on Sydney City rather than western Sydney. But I’m glad to see such a gorgeous place exist here and to see so many people enjoying it. My photos definitely don’t do it justice.

I love gardens, so I would highly recommend paying a visit to the Japanese Gardens in Auburn Botanic Gardens if you can. I’m already thinking about planning a return visit.

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