Taking Stock: August 2014


I was hoping the end of August meant the end of Winter, but it seems to be sticking around like an unwanted house guest. My month has been spent between work and home and getting the house ready to welcome Spring. There’s not much frantic running around to report as I’ve just been taking it easy and allowing myself to enjoy life in the slow lane. Honestly, it’s just what I needed.

Making: a knitted scarf or snood. Not sure yet. I’m just knitting again.

Cooking: roast chicken with vegetables and roast beef with vegetables. A fair bit of roasting going on… and some pizzas. Yum!

Drinking: coffee and green tea. Very little water this month.

Reading: through the new IKEA magazine and devouring ideas like there’s no tomorrow.

Wanting: Winter to be over already.

Looking: through old family photos.

Playing: ‘Prayer in C’ by Lilly Wood and remixed by Robin Schulz and ‘Jubel’ by Klingande.

Deciding: on what part of the house needs to be attacked next.

Wishing: I could buy more rugs and some curtains.

Enjoying: life in the slow lane.

Waiting: for Spring to arrive.

Liking: Tyrrell’s crisps. Man, I’ve eaten a bag of those on my own.

Wondering: if I’m being a good social worker.

Loving: my new shelfie corner.

Pondering: the purpose of life.

Considering: donating my hair for women undergoing cancer treatments.

Watching: nothing lately.

Hoping: to get started on another house project.

Marvelling: at people who are commited to exercising in Winter. Bravo.

Needing: to start jogging and being more commited to yoga.

Smelling: the amazing Neroli Clementine body wash and body butter from MOR.

Wearing: my staple black floral embossed pleather skirt.

Following: advice on eating less meat and more vegetables.

Noticing: that the sunshine is out for longer these days.

Knowing: I need to take more risks and get out of my comfort zone.

Thinking: about teaching myself Cantonese and/or Mandarin.

Admiring: the generosity of other people.

Sorting: through my wardrobe and packing old clothes, shoes and bags to donate.

Buying: a new bralette by Sass & Bide and some heavenly body products from MOR.

Saving: for house and garden updates.

Getting: my Little Sister from the airport.

Disliking: over-salted food.

Opening: one too many bags of Tyrrell’s crisps.

Giggling: with work colleagues.

Feeling: glad that I’ve been getting things done for the house and hopeful that Spring is just around the corner.

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock: August 2014

    • Sandy says:

      Draco! I’m pleasantly surprised by your comment since I thought you were going MIA for a few weeks.

      I’m still thinking about the sunshine we had before the rain 😀 It has been pretty miserable in Sydney lately, but I’m still hopeful Spring is coming!


      • Lignum Draco says:

        Lucky timing. 🙂
        Well I’m back and it’s raining. What’s new? 🙂 Hope it’s dry for the Smooth chocolate festival next weekend. 😉


      • Sandy says:

        Hah. They say it always rains in London but I guess they’ve never been to Sydney 😉

        It’s cloudy as I write this, but I’m hopeful for sunshine when I attend the Chocolate Festival tomorrow. I look forward to seeing some of your photos 🙂


      • Lignum Draco says:

        I was there this morning. Not as big as the coffee festival but I still got my fill. 🙂

        Make sure you get a map or check the map on the website. It’s partly on the park near the MCA and partly in the Rocks near the Lowenbrau. Tomorrow will be hot – I’ll be in the area again in the afternoon tomorrow and might go for a second helping. 🙂


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