Hashtag Shelfie

I must start off by saying that this space is not yet complete. I’m still trying to figure out what’s missing and how to arrange it. But I’m just too damned chuffed about how this space looks so thought I’d have to share it with you now. And if you saw how it looked before, you’d understand my excitement.

It was this image (above) that I came across on Instagram that got me started. I took a screenshot of it, and would stare at it and sigh from time to time, gently stroking the screen of my phone. Unfortunately, the image wasn’t credited to anyone, but through some sort of weird Instagram magic I came across similar images months later and eventually discovered that this beautiful space belongs to Therese Sennerholt. It’s such a beautiful, light and airy space. I just had to have it. And the instant I saw it, I knew exactly where I would try to create this space.

I have this sort of ‘dead space’ in the lounge room here at Hello HQ. It’s not a large space at all, but it feels so empty. No one really knew what we could do with it, and over time, random items ended up merging there. I’m kind of embarrassed to show you what it looked like before, but at least you can understand why I’m so excited by how it looks now.

After discussing my idea with Mum and preparing her and Dad that I’d be drilling holes into their precious wall, it was off to IKEA I went. I know I’m trying to stay away from IKEA as much as possible, but I just love IKEA (and thankfully, so does Mum). I initially only bought the LACK shelving, wooden figures and glassware, but then realised I didn’t have much laying around at home to decorate the space, so returned for the fake plant, candle holders/lanterns, basket and step stool.

Most of the plants and pots came from Bunnings. The blue house candle holder is from K-Mart. And the bottles and jars are old wine or condiment vessels that I’ve washed and saved. I’m actually hoping to paint them a little, just to jazz it up a bit, but haven’t found any nice paint yet.

The framed ‘XO’ poster is from The Motivated Type, a shop I came across on Etsy. I love the poster, but I’m thinking about whether the space needs a larger piece of artwork. Any thoughts?

This space is still incomplete though. I’m hoping to get more candle holders, plants and other knick-knacks to add to the space. Despite that, it is now my favourite part of the home. I sit here to read, to knit, or just to admire the morning light.

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