Aroma Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art

So I mentioned the Aroma Festival — a festival that celebrates everything about coffee — in passing to a colleague one evening after work. I was really too lazy undecided about going, but my colleague texted to say they were going and I felt like I couldn’t just bail out on them. So I went. And I’m actually pretty glad I did. The sun was out with clear blue skies, and Circular Quay and The Rocks was bustling with just the right amount of people.

I got there earlier than my work colleague, so I decided to head into the crowds on my own. Mainly in search of lunch. And then, coffee. I ate my gourmet hot dog (ungraciously and conscious that people were filming the crowds) while watching a live band play. Feeling satisfied, I went in search of coffee. I actually wanted a hot coffee, but the place I went to had their power cut and was only serving their cold brews. Needing my coffee fix immediately, I opted for a cold brew which turned out to be quite nice.

I eventually met up with my work colleague and we walked around the stalls a bit. We found a place for them to get a cup of tea (they don’t really drink coffee) and shared a cookie I bought earlier while chatting away. We meandered through The Rocks and dipped in and out of a few shops and The Rocks Discovery Museum. After some walking and not feeling particularly hungry or in need of another caffeine fix, we decided to head to the Museum of Contemporary Art where we explored the galleries for a few hours.

I particularly enjoyed the exhibition “MEKURUMEKU” (see below) by Japanese artist, Tabaimo.

I also enjoyed the exhibition “motion/emotion” (see below) by French artist, Annette Messager.

We eventually left the MCA and went for a walk along the water and chatted for a while before parting ways. Overall, it was a lovely day and nice to have come out of my Winter hibernation.

3 thoughts on “Aroma Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art

    • Sandy says:

      Glad to see your account of the Aroma Festival too. Your photos are amazing as always 🙂

      Also, I didn’t know about the Festival of Chocolate, and now I’m impatiently waiting for October to come around! Thanks for telling me 🙂


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