I Just Came To Say Hello

I feel like I’ve been MIA for some time now. Following my trip from the US, I’ve been struggling to write anything I’m happy enough with to publish on this blog. Not that I wrote much before, have many readers or a deadline to follow, but a woman’s gotta have standards. And I’m definitely not happy with this recent lack of writing. Blogging is something I want to be committed to, but I can’t seem to find the motivation for it. Good thing I’m not a professional writer or else I’d starve to death. I am trying and hopefully I’ll get into a good writing habit. As with everything else, practice makes perfect (or near perfect).

In the mean time, I have been busying myself with work and a trip or two to IKEA (I just couldn’t resist). I have so many plans for this humble abode and I’m glad The Parents are allowing me to get on with wrecking updating the house. I’m trying to find some finishing touches for this little corner I recently did and I cannot wait to share it with you. I also have plans to overhaul the study room and am glad Mum has the same ideas too. There’s lots of cleaning to be done and perhaps when I sort out the physical mess then I can sort out the mental mess that is my mind.

Anyway, about the video above: I was reminded of this song when I heard it on the drive back to the office. It’s such an upbeat song and I can’t help but mime the words and dance a little (even if awkwardly) when I hear it playing. This song can cheer me up even on the dreariest Winter’s day. Also, how cute is Martin Solveig?

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