Taking Stock: June 2014

My memories of June are (unsurprisingly) dominated by my short trip to California, USA, where I visited family. Although I was wary about it all, and it had its sad moments, I still enjoyed the trip. Having to meet anyone for the first time always fills me with nerves, but having to meet family for the first time was even more nerve-wrecking. What kind of people are they? What if we don’t share the same values? Will this be the only chance I get to see them?

As usual, I tend to over-complicate things in my mind. When I met my extended family, they were nothing short of caring, generous and understanding. My Uncles and Aunty made the effort to get to know me, and re-connected with my Dad. Countless family photos were taken, and my Uncles encouraged my penchant for silliness. I really hope that when we said we’ll see each other again, that it’s more than just empty words you say to people as you part ways.

But anyway, enough rambling. Let’s see what I’ve been up to this month.

Making: no progress on my knitted blanket. I could do with one as it’s been freezing here in Sydney lately.

Cooking: steak, roast vegetables, mashed potato and mushroom gravy for my Uncles.

Drinking: coffee and fresh fruit juice.

Reading: nothing in particular. I had intended to read ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, but I guess that never happened. Maybe next month.

Wanting: to transform/make-over more parts of the home.

Looking: for home decorating inspiration.

Playing: ‘Super Love’ by Dami Im, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ by Pharrell Williams, and ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith.

Deciding: to visit Japan next year for a holiday. And possibly another trip to the US if I can squeeze it in.

Wishing: there were happier circumstances for visiting family overseas.

Enjoying: the time I spent with family in California. Although it was a rushed trip, and at times sad to see my Paternal Grandparents the way they are, I’m glad I had this opportunity.

Waiting: for Winter to pass. Not that I have exciting plans for Spring or Summer.

Liking: conversations with my Uncles, even through the occasional language barrier.

Wondering: if I’m as good a person as my Uncles say I am…

Loving: Summer weather. I cannot wait for it to return to Sydney.

Pondering: how my life would have turned out if The Parents migrated to the USA instead of Australia.

Considering: a trip to IKEA one day, even though one of my goals this year was to limit buying mass-produced wares.

Watching: Master Chef Australia, a Chinese TV series my Paternal Grandma likes to watch, and the LEGO Movie.

Hoping: family in California are managing okay.

Marvelling: at how different and similar my Dad and Uncles are.

Needing: that time off I took from work. I’ve noticed my sleeping pattern has improved, and so has my relationship with The Parents, especially with my Dad.

Smelling: home-cooked meals.

Wearing: Winter clothes, then Summer clothes, and then Winter clothes again. My body and mind are confused.

Following: lessons learned from my trip overseas and trying to build a better relationship with my family.

Noticing: the ripe lemons on my little lemon tree.

Knowing: that I’m quite capable of doing what I want to, but that I need to find the motivation to do it.

Thinking: about family, both here and overseas.

Admiring: the strength (both physical and emotional) and dedication of my Uncle Damon who is caring for my Paternal Grandma.

Sorting: out the family tree on my Dad’s side.

Buying: tea towels from Anthropologie, and a new dress and a pair of shorts from an outlet store in the US. I am very thankful to my Aunties who have bought me some shirts and a new bag. Thank you.

Saving: for home improvements and a rainy day.

Getting: a tan (and some sunburnt shoulders) during my trip overseas.

Disliking: returning to Winter after enjoying the Summer.

Opening: my suitcase to unpack it.

Giggling: with my Dad and Uncles.

Feeling: grateful for having the opportunity to meet family β€” some for the first time, some for the first time in a long time, and some for the last time.

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