Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Well, not me I’m sure. Nevertheless, I still think this is a pretty swanky-looking mirror. It finally made its way from being propped against a box in the study and onto the wall at the front entrance of this humble abode. It only took about… ohh… five years?

I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that the front entrance of my home looked like this for many years (just add junk mail)…

That’s a shoe cabinet you (barely) see there. It’s the only thing that’s been in that space since time immemorial. I know, it really is embarrassing. So about five years ago, I bought this mirror from IKEA with the idea that it would slot nicely into the space above. And I think it does. I made sure I got the correct measurements for it any everything. What I didn’t realise at the time of buying was that in order to hang it, I would need to get some ‘special hooks’ for it. So it sat in the corner waiting. And waiting. And waiting…

It’s only because an uncle has been coming around to do some repairs for this house and hung up another mirror elsewhere did I ask if he could hang this one up as well. And so it was done. Finally.

After a bit of dusting and cleaning and some props gathering, the space at the front entrance finally feels complete.

The picture frame is also from IKEA. The contraption that holds our keys is a jewellery holder I bought off a website so long ago I’ve forgotten its name. And those fake flowers (on the left) are from Habitania. The other wildlife has been taken from the garden or from the bouquets I buy. All the glass bottles and jars I’ve saved over time, much to The Parents’ confusion and concern.

What I love about this space is how it seems so light and airy since the mirror has been put up. It’s still a work in progress as I try to figure out how I want this space to look. However, I’m pretty chuffed with how it’s turned out. I know this little space doesn’t look like anything you’d find in a house and home magazine, but damn it, I love it.

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