Taking Stock: April 2014

Did April seem like a particularly long month to you? I know looking at the pictures it doesn’t seem like I did much, but by the end of it, I was pleased to have my ADO (accrued days off). It certainly feels like Autumn now with the darker evenings and cooler nights. I’m trying not to let that deter me from going out or doing things around the house. I’m not sure how well I went with that though.

Making: no progress on my knitted blanket.

Cooking: Friday night dinners for The Parents. This month’s menu included lamb chops with sweet potato mash and salad, roast chicken with roast vegetables, baked salmon with roast vegetables, and steak with roast vegetables. I think there’s a theme here….

Drinking: Lattes and water.

Reading: my Twitter and Instagram feed.

Wanting: to get my hair cut and for it to stop looking so flat.

Looking: for home interiors and garden inspiration.

Playing: ‘Summer’ by Calvin Harris, ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ by Rita Ora, and ‘Addicted to You’ by Avicii.

Deciding: not to buy anything unless I really need it.

Wishing: I could just go on a shopping spree.

Enjoying: the Autumn sun.

Waiting: for motivation.

Liking: my new black ballet flats.

Wondering: when I should start up that jogging thing.

Loving: Red Rock Deli’s sweet chilli and sour cream crisps. Mmm… addictive…

Pondering: what life with him would be like.

Considering: getting a different haircut.

Watching: David O’Doherty at the Enmore Theatre and Paul Foot at the Sydney Comedy Store. Sooooo hilarious!

Hoping: I never experience another close shave while driving ever again!

Marvelling: at The Parents’s resilience.

Needing: a shoulder and neck massage. And to sit up straight.

Smelling: chrysanthemums. And ‘new car smell’.

Wearing: Tights with my “work uniform”.

Following: Benjamin Hole on Instagram is making me feel like I should have my own farm and just live off the land.

Noticing: that it’s colder in the mornings and nights.

Knowing: that I can only do so much for other people. The rest is up to them.

Thinking: of ways to spruce up this house.

Admiring: people who can knit or crochet a jumper or cardigan. Bonus admiration points if using chunky yarn.

Sorting: through all my unopened mailΒ β€” snail mail and e-mail. This is the bane of my existence (on that note though, I kind of think it would be cool to have a pen pal).

Buying: a new car (with Mum’s help) because the old one crapped out on me. Farewell, beloved Toyota Camry…

Saving: all my pennies for a holiday.

Getting: a little bit tired of work.

Disliking: the darker evenings. Can we just keep daylight savings for a bit longer?

Opening: up to new experiences outside my usual routine.

Giggling: make that laughing out loud with Anthony when seeing David O’Doherty’s and Paul Foot’s shows in Sydney.

Feeling: pretty good and tired at the same time about work. And feeling pretty good about my life in general.

Catch you all next month for another big update on the life and times of this girl named Sandy. For now though, dear loyal readers, would you like to let me know how your month went? I’m always interested in how other people experience this thing called ‘life’.

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