Taking Stock: March 2014


You know, I’m pretty certain I had a very busy March but my photo archive would indicate otherwise. What happened? Well, let’s see if I can remember…

Making: some progress on my knitted blanket.

Cooking: Scallion Pancakes. Crispy, salty, oily and packed with scallions. Probably not good for me, but they’re so moorish.

Drinking: not enough water compared to coffee.

Reading: through my archive of Stylist magazine to, hopefully, eventually get up-to-date.

Wanting: to buy more clothes.

Looking: at other people’s front yards for inspiration.

Playing: ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne up loud and on repeat!

Deciding: to buy a new car.

Wishing: my hand-me-down car didn’t decide to crap out on me.

Enjoying: work. I mean, it has its own stresses, but for the most part I’m happy to go to work each day.

Waiting: for the Sydney Comedy Festival. I’ve got tickets to David O’Doherty and Paul Foot! 😀

Liking: DIY and hand-made stuff.

Wondering: if it’s time for a hair cut.

Loving: how it still feels like Summer even though it’s technically Autumn.

Pondering: if I should be doing more with my life. And if so, what?

Considering: doing some simple DIY projects like more cardboard frames and trying painted bottles.

Watching: “Little Victories” by Alan Davies live at the State Theatre. I loved it.

Hoping: I’m still able to save up for a holiday.

Marvelling: at how resilient plants are.

Needing: to exercise, whether it’s finally starting the C25k app or doing some quick yoga.

Smelling: fresh flowers and the rain.

Wearing: a new favourite dress to work.

Following: cues from my tired body and resting.

Noticing: that my energy levels have slowly increased.

Knowing: that old friends aren’t around for a reason.

Thinking: about what the future holds.

Admiring: people who are able to sort their own finances. I still haven’t gotten around to sorting out my superannuation.

Sorting: through my closet and cupboards to get rid of old clothes.

Buying: a new wallet from Etsy.

Saving: for that holiday in Japan (that I should be planning).

Getting: out of bed slower as the mornings get darker.

Disliking: budgeting.

Opening: jars of char-grilled vegetables and other foods.

Giggling: with Alan Davies.

Feeling: pretty good about life at the moment.

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