Wedding Bells and Beach Swells

On the weekend, I was lucky enough to be a guest at a friend’s wedding. I know her from Uni and, although it’s been difficult keeping in touch over the years, I’m so glad I was invited. It was a really laid-back and happy affair β€” the way, I think, weddings should be.

The lovely ceremony took place in a park in Coogee, with refreshments at Wylie’s Baths, followed by the reception lunch at Farinha. I wish I could show you photos of the whole bridal party because they were gorgeous, but I don’t want to breach their privacy or anything. Trust me though, the Bride was stunning! The theme was smart, Summer casual. This was my take on it:

The dress is by A|wear, which I purchased off ASOS. I know I said I’d aim to buy more handmade, but I left this to the last-minute (in usual Sandy fashion) so picked this up online. I also grabbed a multi-pack of rings and earrings to accessorise, with the shoes and clutch already floating in me and my Sister’s closet. Also, I think I look way more tanned in these photos than I do in real life. Anyway…

It was just a really, really lovely ceremony, reception and day in general. Everything seemed so chill, even though the Bride and Groom were panicking up until the speeches were over. It all went smoothly, with the Bride’s father’s speech almost bringing tears to my eyes (I fought hard to keep them back). And the lunch at Farinha… so good.

This salad and salami greeted us when we arrived, along with white wine sangrias. I was driving so was bummed I couldn’t have any, but staff were so nice and made a version without white wine. Yum. I didn’t take any other pictures of the food because I was too busy munching on the endless flow of pizzas, meatballs, and pasta. I almost entered into a food coma. Also, the tables were so beautifully decorated by people from both sides of the family with the prettiest fresh flowers in the cutest vases. I even got to take some flowers home!

Honestly, this was one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended. Good food, lovely people, and a happy and relaxed atmosphere. I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of it. Congratulations to my friend and her hubby on their new adventures together. Hooray!

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