A Tale of Two Earrings


I’ve been working at The Hospital for a month now and things seem to be going well. I say I work at ‘The Hospital’, but I really work on a community-based program for older people once they’re discharged from The Hospital. We are definitely internally linked and go up for training and meetings, but it’s community-based work that I’m doing. And I love it. But I clearly digress.

The other day I found out that one of my social work colleagues knows one of my friends from Uni. And we only found out because I decided to wear my friend’s hand-made origami earrings to work one day. My colleague said she liked the earrings and I said that my friend made them. I told her how creative she was with the earrings as well as being able to draw and paint as well. My colleague said she knew someone like that too. After mentioning her name and checking bits of information, we realised we were talking about the same friend. Talk about a small world!

I’m so ashamed to say that I bought these earrings over two years ago and have only worn them for the first time last week! Eeep! But I will definitely start wearing them more. You never know what kind of conversations they may strike up and where that might lead.

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