Goals for 2017: a review

Goodbye 2017! And hello 2018!

I’m not really sure how to best sum up my experience of 2017. It’s been a good year overall. I did my best to fill up my diary with events, helpful quotes and notes to myself. It’s nice to look back on and remember all the little things. I want to get some pocket-sized photos printed out and stuck in, and then I’ll have a lovely little yearbook.

Anyway, I can’t wave goodbye to 2017 without reviewing my goals for the year. As I had mentioned, I was wanting to continue with my green theme so a lot of my goals for 2017 were on-going from the previous year. I was hoping to do a lot better this time around, so let’s see how I went shall we?

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Popping by The Calyx: Pollination

If you remember the last time I visited The Calyx, it was to see the ‘All About Flowers’ display and to have a spot of high tea. My visit this time was back in early October and more of an unplanned visit with a friend. We started the day with a much-needed massage, which was followed by lunch along Circular Quay. Afterwards, we decided to walk it off through the Royal Botanic Gardens and I realised that The Calyx was now showing its ‘Pollination’ display, so off we went!

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Taking Stock: September 2017

September! The start of Spring and the start of me coming out of hibernation. With the warmer weather and the abundance of flowers blooming everywhere, it just felt damn nice to be outside. I enjoyed attending little festivals here and there, plus started going on after-work walks as part of ‘Steptember’. Of course, semester two of post-grad was well under way so I spent a good portion of time holed up inside working on getting a passing grade. I sadly lost a lot of photos so don’t have much of them to share this month, but from what I can remember there were a lot of lovely every day moments.

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