Taking Stock: August 2017

August was a good month for me, I think. It’s hard to recall everything I did since it was so long ago and I lost half of my August photos! But what I do remember has been great. It’s nice being out and about in the Winter sun exploring new places, although it hasn’t been nice that Uni has started again and I’m back into stress mode. Overall, a good month.

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Streets of Inner West Sydney

Just thought I’d share some extra snaps from the time Super Boy and I did our street art walk. Apart from street art, I also love looking at houses and old buildings, and inner west Sydney is full of so many cute facades! Hope you enjoy looking as much as I do!

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Perfect Match

by Peque

by Mulga

Perfect Match‘ is an initiative in Sydney’s inner west suburbs that aims to reduce unwanted graffiti by connecting artists with property owners. The results are streets full of amazing artworks! There was an actual festival to go along with this, but seeing as we missed it, Super Boy and I decided to spend a random day strolling through the streets in search of art.

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